Client Content Roundup: Hissey Mulderig & Friend

Last month, Hissey Mulderig & Friend added a new section to its website about the link between aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) and several types of cancer, as well as new blog posts and a story on JD Supra.

AFFF is a type of firefighting foam that is used to extingush fires involving liquids, such as petroleum or gasoline. Recent studies have linked the “forever chemicals” in AFFF to an increased risk of kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, and several other types of cancer. These studies have prompted a number of AFFF firefighting foam lawsuits to be filed against the manufacturers of these products, including Dupont, 3M, and Chemguard.

New Blog Posts

In addition to the new AFFF section on the firm’s website, Hissey Mulderig & Friend also published a pair of new blog posts.

The first post examines the litigation surrounding AFFF fire form, and provides information to civilian and military firefights with cancer or other illnesses who may qualify to file a firefighing foam lawsuit:

The firm’s second new blog posts explores the first lawsuit that was filed against the makers of the diet and diabetes drugs Ozempic and Mounjaro. According to this and other lawsuits, patients who use Ozempic, Mounjaro, Wegovy, and similar drugs may be at risk of developing serious stomach problems from these medications:

JD Supra Articles

On JD Supra, Hissey Mulderig & Friend also published a story written by the firm’s partner, David Friend, about the litigation surrounding AFFF firefighting foam.

As with the section and blog posts published to the firm’s website, HM&F’s JD Supra story examines the link between AFFF and several types of cancer, and offers information to firefighters who may have been sickened by exposure to firefighing foam.

About Hissey Mulderig & Friend

Hissey Mulderig & Friend is a products liability and mass torts litigation law firm based in Austin, Texas.

The firm is currently accepting cases involving mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases, injuries caused by the copper IUD Paragard, gastroparesis and other gastrointestinal conditions linked to weight loss and diabetes drugs such as Ozempic, lawsuits involving illnesses linked to contaminated water at Marine Base Camp Lejeune, and cancer linked to exposure to AFFF firefighting foam.